Comments of the news

Comments of the news
Anonymous 2018-06-05 06:53:04
What bachelor I must study to do this career

Anonymous 2018-05-15 01:16:03
Very interesting, the MBA, which is studied in these universities and is a very good opportunity for those who need it. I studied first in the Faculty of Economics of the Central University of Venezuela and then in the Hubbard Collage Administration. But my real university has been my trajectory of 30 years of experience, where you can apply what you have learned, but that is where your reasoning and logic ability is what guarantees the success, because with the studies you have data, degrees, postgraduate, magister and doctorates, but you graduate when you can apply them and achieve your goals. I was President of the Zona Franca Industrial de Paraguana – Zonfipca, and I managed 36 companies, of which 7 were mine. That was really my learning

Anonymous 2018-04-09 19:29:20
What is the difference between an MBA with an Official Title and another with an Own Degree?

Anonymous 2018-01-24 19:13:40
Does anyone know if a geographer could study said master? very good article. regards!

Anonymous 2017-04-07 01:16:21
Someone knows and could answer me if after doing an undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering it would be possible to do an MBA. or would it deviate a lot? My purpose is to focus on business management. I await your answer thank you.

Anonymous 2017-03-13 02:59:59
I study the MBA in the UDLA in the CDMX (Private University). It has been the best decision I have made in my professional life, because I focus on business management, which is the goal that I have set for 4 years. The studies are theoretical but the best thing is that here it does not stay at that point of the theory, we practice focused and applied to the problems that we present in our company. All my colleagues are managers of different companies and sectors. It is important to emphasize that it is not any kind of person, they are highly effective people with the capacity to understand the theory and its application in real business life. At my young age I have learned a lot from them. I believe that this combination of theory (Doctors certified by UNAM and with professional experience), plus our professional experience and its application relationship, adding that we are from different companies, mostly international, is gratifying and goes beyond expectations. to share knowledge and key points of the business sector. It is worth a lot to pay for a private MBA and good at the UNAM also exists, but its rigor for income is higher and requires more time demand. I would like more people from other schools to comment.

Anonymous 2017-01-28 15:57:28
Dear. I have a question, an MBA is recognized in Chile as a graduate? Has the same weight as a Master? Thank you for your answer.

Anonymous 2016-06-29 15:25:50
The MBA is an exclusive specialization in management, in the Business or Business Administration. The MBA allows the professional, the entrepreneur, the business man or woman to guide the companies by factors or areas such as: Finance, Marketing, Communication the research itself emphasized in the applied research

Anonymous 2016-04-03 01:16:20
Hello, excellent article, here I share a link with the 10 best centers to study Online MBA according to Financial Times:

Anonymous 2015-10-15 15:08:02
Excellent opportunity

Anonymous 2015-03-31 17:54:30
The MBA is the instrument that opens you the doors of the world in knowledge of the Practical Administration, because you can apply it in the business field as in the field of Public or Private Function and the Master has to do more with the specialization of subjects of administration among them the financial and reinforces the theoretical knowledge.

Anonymous 2013-11-02 19:05:53
Estimates There are people who express themselves badly of MBA, which is a waste of time, disbursement of money, which does not help anything. I would like to be able to have more detailed information on the subject, in order to be able to speak with base and defend this academic degree from those who do not have information

Anonymous 2013-01-29 16:57:00
The MBA is a Master’s degree or an addition or complement to the MASTERY, which differentiates it from the MASTER OF AN MBA. Explain what it means to STUDY a master’s degree in Administration and what it means to study an MBA in Administration. Explain what is the benefit or advantage of an MBA.


mba in united states

From now through October 31, GMAC will accept applications for two scholarships, valued at $ 1,000 and $ 2,500. Scholarships will be awarded to current third and fourth year students enrolled in a US institution. UU And that they are planning to obtain a graduate degree in business. These scholarships are for expenses related to the tuition of the graduate business school, lodging and food, or books and supplies.

To apply, students must submit their curriculum vitae and an original 500-word essay to answer the question: How can the graduate business school transform and improve the world around it? We encourage students to take advantage of their own academic, professional and / or volunteer backgrounds and share how that relates to their choices to obtain a graduate business degree. To be considered for the $ 2500 scholarship, students must also provide a GMAT score from no earlier than June 3, 2018. To register for the GMAT, visit and get $ 100 off.

To be eligible, students must:

Be a legal resident of the United States
Currently enrolled in a full-time or part-time accredited undergraduate institution located in the United States
Have an average of 3.0 or more
Be between 18 and 22 years old

MBA stands for Master of Business Administration, the postgraduate program with the highest recognition and international prestige. It is aimed at graduates and professionals who wish to develop their activity in the field of business management.

image What is an MBA?
Studying an MBA allows you to specialize in the management of businesses and companies. Those who study it learn the skills and abilities that any manager should have. It is usually taught by professionals of the sector, and also includes a period of practices so that students can demonstrate what they have learned in a real business environment.

From Mastermania we gather several keys that you should know about the MBA: what the acronyms mean, what contents are taught, what modalities exist, what are the rankings that classify the best MBA …

How was the Master of Business Administration created?

The MBA (Master of Business Administration) has its origin in the traditional postgraduate studies of American universities, and later came to Europe from the hand of the United Kingdom. Although they were born within the universities, MBAs are currently also taught at business schools promoted by private entities, regional institutions, business groups …

What content does an MBA have?

The MBA program is designed to equip the future manager with the skills and knowledge in the functional areas that any person needs when running a company: communication, financial management, strategic direction, marketing, human resources or operations, among others.

What types of MBA are there?

Currently there are four types of MBA: Executive, International, full-time or part-time:

· Executive MBA: is aimed at executives who wish to expand their business training while working. Students must have a university degree and a minimum experience of 2 to 5 years in management positions.

· Full Time / Part Time MBA: full-time or part-time MBAs are distinguished by how the workload is divided, either in one or two years. The Part Time mode allows combining studies with work, unlike Full Time, which requires full dedication.

· MBA International: the International MBA program is structured so that training and internships in companies are carried out in several countries. For this reason, the access criteria are more rigorous, since students must accredit an advanced level of languages ​​because it is usually taught in English.

What is an MBA for?

With an MBA the student acquires the necessary skills and competences to know how to run a business. In addition, the MBA includes internships in companies that allow students to demonstrate their worth in a real environment and interact with professionals in the sector.

The teaching team is composed of active professionals of recognized prestige, with consolidated professional experience that allows them to transmit their know-how to their students and facilitates access to large companies.

For its part, the International MBA provides added value, such as learning and working in international environments. Students demonstrate their ability to adapt to change, their high performance in different cultures, and mastery of several languages, which makes them the perfect candidate for companies with presence in several countries.

How to choose an MBA?

There are some keys that can help you in your choice of the MBA that best suits your needs. Assessing aspects such as the teaching method (Learning by doing) or researching whether it can be customized according to student availability are some tips that will be useful. You should also assess if you want to study the MBA in Spain or abroad. In addition, you can check which are the best MBA in the world in the different rankings mentioned in the following section.

What is the best MBA?

Choosing a single MBA as the best in the world is practically impossible. Every year, several prestigious international publications elaborate rankings with the best MBAs in the world: Forbes, Financial Times or The Economist rankings are normally led by universities and business schools in the United States and the United Kingdom.

You can check in Mastermania the latest editions of the following rankings:
· The best Executive MBA of 2017, according to the Financial Times
· The best MBA in Finance of 2017
· The best online MBA of 2017
· The best Global MBA 2017 according to the Financial Times ranking
· Ranking of the best online MBA in Spanish

In Spain, the newspaper El Mundo publishes each year the Ranking of the 250 best masters in Spain and a complete MBA guide. You can check in Mastermania which are the best MBA in Spain according to this ranking.

Where to study an MBA?

Attend events such as the Access MBA Fair or the Post Forum

ndia has been consistently represented in the upper echelons of the global education network.

ndia has been consistently represented in the upper echelons of the global education network.

Study in India is a collaborative effort undertaken by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) and 13 prominent Indian business schools. Maintaining the vision of the Make in India initiative, the Study in India program aims at attracting the best talent worldwide to come and pursue top-tier graduate management education in India and contribute to the tremendous growth the country is experiencing. All students interested in exploring relevant study opportunities in India can link up with partnering business schools by filling out a form on The website also gives detailed information regarding the business programs on offer at each school as well as living and working in India.

Our partner B-schools for this year include: Great Lakes Institute of Management, IFIM Business School, Indian School of Business, Institute of Management Technology – Ghaziabad, International Management Institute – New Delhi, ISBR Business School, KJ Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research, NMIMS, SDA Bocconi Asia Center, SPJIMR, TAPMI, Universal Business School and Xavier University – Bhubaneshwar.

With around 40,000 universities and 800 universities, India is home to one of the largest higher education systems in the world and continues to gain prominence on the world stage. Building on its reputation as a former center of knowledge and scholarship, and backed by solid foundations of science and technology, together with increasing global integration, India has been consistently represented on the highest echelons of the global education network. With regard to management education, business schools in India have enjoyed a great reputation around the world and some are among the best schools in the world.

The country is home to around 45,000 international students currently with the government with the goal of attracting 200,000 more over the next 5 years through a series of initiatives. Among the many advantages of following education in India are the significantly lower rates for the same first class education compared to other destinations abroad, the ease of obtaining a study and work visa, and the cost of living reasonable. In addition to academics, living in India is an incredible learning experience in itself. The country offers a perfect blend of cultural heritage and cosmopolitan atmosphere, from the towering Himalayas to the towering skyscrapers of Mumbai. India also accepts all religions and religions,

India is catapulting towards becoming a major player in the global economic and political landscape. It is currently the sixth largest economy in the world and the fastest growing economy, with projections that it will become the third largest economic nation by 2030. The Make in India initiative, launched by the Government of India in 2014, has made The country is an important investment destination for foreign organizations, especially in the manufacturing sector, as well as improving India’s reputation as an easy place to do business. The prolific IT services sector continues to be one of the nation’s strengths, while increasing internet penetration and the rapid transition to a digital economy has led India to become a global center of new businesses driven by the technology.

To connect with the main business schools in India, visit


The MBA of EAE Business School

The MBA of EAE Business School is the master that will train you as a professional profile for business management and administration.

The business world and the current economic situation, very dynamic and highly competitive, demand trained professionals who have solid knowledge of the various areas of management and, in turn, have personal and professional skills such as versatility, adaptation, reflection, resolution and creativity . In addition, the economic recovery in which many countries work, especially developed economies, represents for many companies an opportunity to reinvent themselves, for which managers must undertake challenges and changes in their organizations that will involve a profound renewal of their skills and abilities .

Master MBA
The Master’s Full Time MBA from EAE Business School is the management training program par excellence, which enables participants to achieve positions of responsibility in a company through the acquisition of those management skills essential to manage companies and institutions. It is designed for the participant to enhance and expand their knowledge in management and business administration, work with the main management tools and strengthen their skills and managerial skills. The Master MBA of EAE is focused on the understanding of all the areas involved in the management of organizations, enriched with the networking established between the rest of the participating professionals, the faculty and the professionals invited to conferences, talks and activities, something key to enhance professional positioning.

All with a clear objective: to lead your organization towards the development of competitive advantages that are sustainable over time. Once the academic period of the Master MBA in Barcelona or Madrid is over, the student will have the option to complete a two-week residential stay at Pace University (New York).

PACER UNIVERSITY erasmus de eae business school in MBA

MBA Campus Madrid
Among the official masters of EAE Business School in Madrid, the Master’s Degree in Business Management or Master of Business Administration (MBA) is one of the recognized for being among the best in the world. Developed at the Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid Campus), the MBA Master’s objective is to offer the participant a complete management training, expanding their knowledge in business management and administration, in a professional and competitive environment such as Madrid.

MBA Campus Barcelona
The participant has the option of doing this MBA also in the Barcelona campus, obtaining the official degree through the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), one of the academic partners of the school in Barcelona.

Reasons to complete the EAE Business Schoo MBA

With the MBA Master you will obtain a strategic vision in a global business environment

With the MBA Master you will obtain a strategic vision in a global business environment
The online MBA program of EAE Business School is designed so that managers and experienced entrepreneurs can manage and act on change and operate in highly competitive environments and markets.

For this, it provides, from the managerial perspective, a global and strategic vision of the functional areas and their interrelation.

Objectives of the Master MBA Online – Master in Business Management and Administration: What will your participants achieve?
Enhance and develop their managerial skills.
Master the techniques and management tools of the different functional areas of the organization.
Develop a global and integrating vision of business management.
Facing successfully new business trends in the environment.
Improve and boost your professional career.
The Master MBA Online will put you at the forefront of innovative companies with international projection
The phenomenon of globalization, together with the development of technology, has led to the emergence of new participants in the economic scenario, which has led to changes in the management and administration models that have existed up to now.

The new paradigms seek a more efficient management of companies, in this context of change and transformation the formation and updating of knowledge becomes a fundamental element for all those managers and professionals who want to continue leading their companies with a guarantee of success.

Also, the current situation is pushing organizations to look abroad to expand and diversify their markets in order to detect and take advantage of new business opportunities. A circumstance that forces companies to have professionals with extensive knowledge of management and prepared to face these challenges.

The online or blended MBA program of EAE Business School has been specially designed to respond to this scenario. Based on a methodology of high performance and academic requirements, this master’s degree provides managers and experienced entrepreneurs with the indispensable tools to lead the transformations of the business world, act in the face of change and develop in increasingly competitive environments and markets.

For this, this MBA provides, from the managerial perspective, a global and strategic vision of the functional areas of the company and their interrelation, enriched with the networking established between the participants. At the same time, it puts at your disposal a wide range of resources that make this master one of the most complete. Among them, the development of a Business Plan that is supervised throughout the program and the participation in a Business Game, a simulator that allows facing real problems of the current company.

All this with the guarantee of EAE Business School, second business school in Spain, according to the 2017 Merco Ranking, and one of the 30 leading business schools in the world according to the 2017 American Economy Ranking.