MBA top 7 specializations

Number 1

Finance management finance management one year mba prepares you in various subjects like costing budgeting banking capital management etc students seeking career in financial consulting investment banking corporate finance and institutional finance should opt for it best mba programs.

Number 2

Marketing management it helps students to understand consumer and market behavior aspects of advertising and learn marketing skills of any product or service marketing specialization would hone your skills in developing business plans identifying the strengths and weakness of a business executive mba programs.

Number 3

Corporate social responsibility or CSR management CSR management studies include nature management and environments of different types of organization executive mba programs it’s a tubes you with the knowledge and skills to tackle business and society for the benefit of the people operations management operations management focuses on manufacturing and production including process flow vendor communications and optimal business operations making you ready to take the responsibility to administer business practices and create the highest level of efficiency possible within an organization.

Number 5

Information technology management technology is constantly changing business requires managers who can stay ahead of the curve this concentration prepares future IT managers with skills and knowledge for planting and implementing current and emerging information and communication technologies best mba programs.

Number six

International business management it offers students an understanding of international operations it imparts skills pertaining to specialized functions such as international marketing sales expansion resource acquisition risk minimization diversification of their revenue stream.

Number seven

Human resource or HR management human resource is a function in organizations designed to maximize employees performance in service of an employers strategic objectives executive mba programs energy R offers you great opportunities to handle operations such as recruitment talent management retention management and reward management number five ruh-roh management rural management is the study of planning organizing and.

Controlling of cooperatives it provides

Skills in the peeve of marketing with a focus on rural business number nine agribusiness management agribusiness management tells how to manage executive mba programs companies which process market and merchandise agriculture products for consumers the students must understand the management marketing and finance function with an emphasis on specialized requirements of the agribusiness sector number ten health care management health care management covers core business skills and practices pertaining to the healthcare industry providing you brighter prospect to interact with hospital administrators medical practice managers insurance company executives and a wide variety of other roles you best mba programs.